In an attempt to retain more of the information I'm consuming, I started to doodle on my iPad while listening to the Huberman Lab episode on How to Enhance Performance & Learning by applying a Growth Mindset.

While I'm not too excited about the result, I deeply enjoyed the process because it forced me to pay more attention and to decide what information is important. Especially because of the latter, I intend to do try something similar when reading books. It's all too easy to over-highlight when all it takes is swiping your finger over some text.

Key Elements to a Growth Mindset

  • Works best when both teacher and student should adopt it
  • Provide feedback rather with verbs and praise effort instead of identity
  • Be analytical and gentle in your error feedback. Give it time, sometimes it's better to wait a day or too.
  • Get help from others: people who seek help perform better.
  • Write a letter, explaining how a growth mindset works. Just the act of explaining it has shown to be an effective tool in applying the concept for yourself.