Jun 15, 2017 23:26 · 163 words · 1 minute read

I’m Daniel, a designer & front end developer living in the beautiful town of Freiburg, Germany.

I’m into minimalism, typography & photography. The (open) web still excites me a lot and this blog is me trying to part in the movement. I love reading and I (often) promise to write more.

I’m working  at NIMIUS as a front end dev and I might be available as a freelancer.

If you’re looking for some help with your web project, feel free to contact me. I focus on Webdesign, Front End Development and Drupal as a CMS, but I’m open to all sorts of interesting stuff. I also like to work on remote projects, so don’t hesitate because we’re on opposite ends of the world!

Ways of Contact

My preferred messenger is Signal. I like my email to be encypted as well, so here’s my public PGP key.

I’m active on Twitter  and Instagram, but I’d be glad to see Mastodon and Pixelfed gaining more traction.