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Statamic CMS talk at Frontend Meetup Freiburg 2022

This week, I had the chance to tell some nice people why I enjoy working with Statamic CMS.

As promised, here come the slides, a couple of links along with the raw screen recordings I did while creating the demo project…

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Towards a More Sustainable and Mobile Office

Earth is melting, energy prices are surging. Camping vacation is around the corner. I'm working 100% remote. Almost every day is sunny.

About the first experiences with a mobile solar-powered energy supply

Rodeo with the Elephant  – Why I'm back on Evernote

I've been an early user of Evernote, my first account dates back to 2009. I've stopped counting the times that I've left Evernote "for good" since then. Just as many times, I've decided to come back.

It's a seemingly endless cycle of being annoyed by lack…

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Groundhog day - or why I'm using Evernote again

Our two kids looking out of the train while passing a Black Forest gorge

Grateful to live in a place where it only takes you 30 minutes by local train to get up to a mountain lake and escape the heat.

Why I don't stay with Arc by The Browser Company... yet

Arc browser is an exciting new app made by The Browser Company. It's made with an enormous amount of love for detail, and they're inventing great new ideas. I won't cover these here, but instead focus on what is holding me…

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I really want to like this shiny new browser, but it seems it's not right for me (yet?).

Dear Diary, I had fun in kindergarten this afternoon.

Sandale, Bambule

— Kind 1 (4) beim Schuheanziehen
Photo of Dreisam river in Freiburg, Germany

Spending Sunday afternoon at the Dreisam.

Fontshare: Quality Fonts. Free.

Fontshare: Quality Fonts. Free.

Fontshare is a fan-tas-tic collection of great free-to-use fonts.

Done is better than perfect

Today I stumbled upon Stumblr, a wonderfully simple starter kit for Statamic and I had to give it a spin. Set it up, don't overthink it and post thoughts, photos, notes, links and stuff like…

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Intial Commit

The Pont de l’Abîme is a bridge over the river Chéran in the Haute-Savoie region in France

The Pont de l’Abîme is a nice old bridge over the Chéran river in the Haute-Savoie region in France. Lovely spot to spend a night on the way south.

What Statamic’s SAVE_CACHED_IMAGES really does

I think I got SAVE_CACHED_IMAGES in Statamic wrong the whole time. I thought it's about whether Glide-generated images are kept when clearing caches. If got it right, this is what it really does:

when set to true

All image presets defined…

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This Statamic setting is surprisingly confusing. I might well be wrong with some of my observations and would be glad to be corrected if so.

There is a crack, a crack in everything

That's how the light gets in.

— Leonard Coen

via Susans Cain's latest book Bittersweet

Setup Statamic Static Caching

Setting up Static Caching in Statamic isn't too hard and brings a huge performance boost. Here are the steps I had to take to enable it both locally with Laravel Valet and on a production server managed through Laravel…

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I took some notes while setting up static caching in Statamic for the first time.

Make Alpine 3 support legacy browsers

Today I learned that AlpineJS 3.x uses queueMicrotask –  and that that’s an API not supported in Firefox < 69 and Safari < 12.1 (see Read more

How to make Alpine 3 work in Firefox < 69 and Safari < 12.1