I needed to do this to install the latest Statamic Peak into the Statamic v4 beta.

  • Clone the Starter Kit (read: Statamic Peak) Repo locally
  • I also had to update Peak's dependencies in starter-kit.yaml to beta
  studio1902/statamic-peak-browser-appearance: '2.0-beta.2'
  studio1902/statamic-peak-commands: '2.0-beta.4'
  studio1902/statamic-peak-seo: '2.0-beta.2'
  studio1902/statamic-peak-tools: '3.0-beta.3'
  • Add the local path to the Peak repo to the global composer config.json:
    "config": {},
	"repositories": [
			"type": "path",
			"url": "/Users/daniel/www/statamic-peak"
  • Notice this has to go into the global config.json, not the composer.json
  • For me this was ~/.composer.config.json , but one can find it's place via composer config --global home
  • Install with the --local flag. To get the Statamic beta, also add the --dev flag:
  • statamic new mysite studio1902/statamic-peak --dev --local
  • Official documentation about installing from local repos : https://statamic.dev/starter-kits/creating-a-starter-kit#installing-from-a-local-repo