During the past weeks I rediscovered my passion for two apps I’ve abandonded previously. Right now both fit really well into my digital life and using them makes me happy.

  1. mymind: I’ve come to accept that mymind is just not cheap and does not (yet) provide a good exit strategy. However, the ease of mind of just putting stuff in there and relying on its AI to make things come up with search is so freeing. Also I love how different types of content appear in a different visual style (think: products, movie posters, book covers, website screenshots). Browsing my mind is such a fun experiecne, it became a habit without effort.

  2. Craft Docs I’m having a hard time settling on a primary note taking / pkm app and I’m very aware of Craft’s shortcomings and questionable direction of development. But I just adore the polished UI too much. I also appreciate that the iOS app is a top priority for the team. Seems I’m in a never-ending cycle between great UX and convenience versus owning my data in a future-proof structure.

Just after a phase of thinking, this time I’m gonna stick with Obsidian as my primary source of truth, I yet again am tired of having to manually deal with attachments, not having a proper cards view, not having a satisfying mobile experince and not being able to quickly share a single note online. Then Craft was added to Setapp, so it was too tempting to not give it another shot. It’s still a bit of a honeymoon phase, but it’s fun and feels just like the right tool at the right time.