The biggest thing on my mind these days is the fact that, after 15+ years of being an employee, I’m making the move to going 100% freelance on July 1st.

  • 📑 This means there’s a lot of organizational stuff to do, paperwork, insurances and all that busywork.
  • 🧘 Still meditating with Headspace every day, today it’s been 149 days straight.
  • 🚿 Been taking a cold shower daily for at least 2 minutes
  • 🦶 Didn’t nearly go running as often as would do me good, needs to change asap!
  • 📖 Sustainable Web Design Awesome book got me thinking further about making a positive impact with everyday decisions about how design and implement solutions.
  • 📖 Breath by James Nestor: I’ve recently listened to the audiobook, and now I’m also reading it to highlight passages and take notes.
  • 🎧️ Die Hexe vom Höllental: just opted for this because it’s set in the Black Forest and Freiburg. If it wasn’t for the local references I wouldn’t have bothered.

Apps and services I enjoy using these days

  • 🐘 Evernote: I don’t count anymore how often I went on and off the note-taking elephant in the room. There’s a ton to complain about, but I love how easy it is to get stuff in there, search is still excellent, and I really dig the new UI (if it only was faster).
  • 🧠 Roam Research: After another excursion to alternatives to store and connect Evergreen Notes I’m back to using Roam more and more. I’m starting to see the value of interconnecting highlights taken from various sources (I use Readwise to gather those and move them into Roam).
  • 🌐 LanguageTool: I was looking for an alternative to Grammarly with German language support. It’s not perfect, but it helps to spot errors and common stylistic issues.

Updated May 16th 2021 from Freiburg, Germany
This page is inspired by Derek Sivers


mariohamann May 16, 2021

I think I have to order “Sustainable Web Design”, too. Sounds very promising!


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