• Had great joy preparing educational materials for a Drupal Workshop and also enjoyed actually presenting the topic a lot. Thinking about developing a screencast based on the work I already put in
  • Started my new role with Brainson this week and had a couple of great days that were packed with new processes and workflows. I’m so glad I have the chance to introduce TailwindCSS and AlpineJS right from the get-go with the first project I’ll be working on.
  • Started to dig into Webpack from scratch. Ashamed to confess I’ve already relied in some preconfiguration one way or the other. It’s not that hard at all and I actually enjoy it quite a bit.

Reading & Listening

I was so curious to read The Notetaking Cold War on Superorganizers that I took a test drive for the Eveything Substack Bundle – and I while their price point is still too high for my budget I really like the content a lot.

Updated August 8th 2020 from Freiburg, Germany
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