• Started my new role with Brainson this week and had two great days that were packed with new info on their processes and workflows. I’m so glad I have the chance to introduce TailwindCSS and AlpineJS right from the get-go with the first project I’ll be working on. And boy I really won’t miss Atlassian’s products.

Fun Projects

  • Got back into the habit of taking a photo each day at 8:36pm and this time even set up a dedicated blog and grabbed the best domain I could imagine for this:
  • Started a project to generate TailwindCSS color objects visually: TailScale
  • Trying to get a good old discussion board rolling as a friendly place to chat about coding, design, ux and beyond: TheOtterSite


  • Committed to use RoamResearch as my primary tool for personal knowledge management by signing up to their new 5-year plan
  • Discarded the idea of switching to a laptop that runs GNU/Linux. It was a cool experience but right now I still miss too many Mac apps (Day One, Bear, Things, Affinity Suite to name the most important ones) and I don’t want to invest the time necessary to get everything else in a state that would be similarly convenient to use for me as my current Mac setup.
  • Want to get into recording screencasts, bought some equipment, outlined a lot of ideas, getting into using ScreenFlow.

Reading & Listening

I was so curious to read The Notetaking Cold War on Superorganizers that I took a test drive for the Eveything Substack Bundle – and I while their price point is still too high for my budget I really like the content a lot.

Updated July 4th 2020 from Freiburg, Germany
This page is inspired by Derek Sivers