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Shopware 5 Theming 101

First things first:

  1. In the Theme Manager in the backend add a new theme that inherits from Responsive
  2. It will be saved to themes/Frontend/Mytheme
  3. To add your own stylesheets to your theme put a file called all.less here: themes/Frontend/Mytheme/frontend/_public/src/less/all.less. It will automatically be compiled by Shopware’s own LESS processor
  4. To add your own scripts to your theme put them in themes/Frontend/Mytheme/frontend/_public/src/js/ and them to the $javascript array in themes/Frontend/Mytheme/Theme.php (snippet below)
  5. To immediately see your custom scripts and styles disable compiler cashing and CSS and JS compression in the settings of the Theme Manager

Adding a JavaScript file to your Shopware 5 Theme:

 * Javascript files which will be used in the theme
 * @var array
protected $javascript = array(

    // Third party plugins / libraries

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