Why I don't stay with Arc by The Browser Company... yet

Arc browser is an exciting new app made by The Browser Company. It's made with an enormous amount of love for detail, and they're inventing great new ideas. I won't cover these here, but instead focus on what is holding me back from really using Arc.

I'm aware this is a very early stage and things will improve, so maybe my list of complaints can help to make Arc better :)

The top bar that is needed to interact with extensions only appears on hover, and it is a really narrow area that triggers its appearing. I constantly move too fast, making that bar appear and disappear. If possible, I'd like to be able to just set it to be always visible. (Also helpful when you have extensions that indicate some sort of state)

Animated Gif showing Arc's top bar appearing on hover
Triggering Arc's top bar is challenging

It's not possible to rearrange the order of extension buttons. They seem always sorted alphabetically. I want my most used extension to show up first.

Missing shortcuts (or command palette commands) to interact with split view. Arc has a great feature that allows to split the window to hold multiple tabs side-by-side. But I can't find a shortcut to move a tab from the left split to the right split. To move a tab to another split, I (again) need to find that hovering sweet spot (see 1), click a button and choose Move left / Move right

Animated Gif showing how to move a tab to another split area
I miss splitting and moving split windows with keyboard shortcuts

No visible URL. The only way to know the current URL is to copy it to the clipboard and paste it somewhere. Not knowing the URL you're currently on is a huge no-go. (Update: CMD + L shows the current URL inside Arc's command bar, so at least no copy & paste to see the URL)

I'm confused by then concept of Favorites. The name and their look suggest they'd be bookmarks leading to a constant URL, when in fact they behave more like tabs. I'd expect clicking my "Gmail Favorite" always bringing me to the inbox, not to the last message I had open there.

Screenshot of Arc's "Favorite"  bookmarks, or tabs rather
Favorites behave more like pinned tabs in Arc

Besides that, I'm having a hard time challenging long-learned patterns, such as having tabs arranged vertically instead of horizontally, along with the shortcuts to move around those (consequentially) not being cmd + alt + left/right anymore, but that it something I am willing to rewire my brain to.