Setup Statamic Static Caching

Setting up Static Caching in Statamic isn't too hard and brings a huge performance boost. Here are the steps I had to take to enable it both locally with Laravel Valet and on a production server managed through Laravel…

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I took some notes while setting up static caching in Statamic for the first time.

What Statamic’s SAVE_CACHED_IMAGES really does

I think I got SAVE_CACHED_IMAGES in Statamic wrong the whole time. I thought it's about whether Glide-generated images are kept when clearing caches. If got it right, this is what it really does:

when set to true

All image presets defined…

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This Statamic setting is surprisingly confusing. I might well be wrong with some of my observations and would be glad to be corrected if so.

Statamic CMS talk at Frontend Meetup Freiburg 2022

This week, I had the chance to tell some nice people why I enjoy working with Statamic CMS.

As promised, here come the slides, a couple of links along with the raw screen recordings I did while creating the demo project…

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