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Drush Make on Domainfactory Hosting

Shortly before going completly mad I got this stuff working.
By default Domainfactory runs php4.4.9-cgi when simply calling php on the command line. As Drush needs PHP5 I used to help myself by aliasing the drush command to call something like php5-53STABLE-CLI drush.php through my .bashrc file.

Turned out that wile this works more or less well for Drush itself it doesn’t cut it for drush make. Long story short, there’s a DRUSH_PHP variable. Once that gets fed with the path to a somewhat current version of PHP5 everything works well. Also, I don’t have to call drush.php anymore. So here’s my .bashrc:

alias drush="~/drush/drush"
export DRUSH_PHP=/usr/local/bin/php5-53STABLE-CLI

Happy Making!

Somehow this stopped working recently, the following Alias does work though:

alias drush='/usr/local/bin/php5-53LATEST-CLI ~/drush/drush.php --php=/usr/local/bin/php5-53LATEST-CLI'

And here’s a different approach that works by telling Drush directly which version of PHP to use: Link

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