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Drupal 7: Search inside Field Collections

Field collections are awesome, but they have a serious drawback: anything that’s stored inside field collection fields isnt’t indexed by Drupal’s core search.

Here are just some quick & dirty notes of what I did to get those fields searchable:

  • disable core search
  • Install search_api, search_api_page and all dependencies
  • Install search_api_db (no search result summaries), fuzzysearch (sometimes weird results) or zend_lucene (just testing, zend as a requirement) as search server
  • add search server
  • add index (and configure all entities to search in)
  • add search page and according block

On installing Zend within Drupal (on a managed server provided by DomainFactory):

  • installed zend module (7.x-3.0-alpha-1)
  • installed composer using curl -sS | php53
  • installed zend php53 composer.phar install (from inside sites/all/modules/zend
  • having lots of errors
  • updated to zend module 7.x-3.x-dev (2012-10-30)
  • ran php53 composer.phar update
  • status report says zend 2.2.1 is installed correctly

Installing Zend Lucene:

  • Install module
  • create new server

Zend Lucene was still not working though. Haven’t had time to investigate further.

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