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Deleting Drupal Fields programmatically implementing hook_update_N()

Say we’d like to get rid of a Drupal Field that has the machine name field_wein_texte and our module that’s supposed to manage this is called kx_deployment. Here’s how the kx_deployment.install needs to look like:

* Implements hook_update_N().
* Managing Field Deletions programmatically
* Note: field_delete_fields() removes fields globally, to detach a field from an entity use field_delete_instance()
function kx_deployment_update_7001() {
  $fields_to_delete = array(
  foreach ($fields_to_delete as $field_name) {
    watchdog('kx_deployment', 'Deleted the :field_name field from all content type instances.', array(':field_name' => $field_name));
// The fields aren't really deleted until the purge function runs, ordinarily
// during cron.  Count the number of fields we need to purge, and add five in
// case a few other miscellaneous fields are in there somehow.
if(isset($fields_to_delete)) {
  field_purge_batch(count($fields_to_delete) + 5);


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