Work Manifesto

We create solid websites for clients who value their users.

We believe there is no better marketing than good content presented well.

We want out relationships to be straightforward, honest and transparent.

We don’t do things we consider ethically wrong.

Spotify is terrible for Audio Books and Podcasts

When I impulsively re-subscribed to Spotify Premium last week it was for listening to and finding new music. All the more I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered a bigger-than-expected selection of audio books being available on Spotify these days. I found myself thinking about weather this could even justify canceling my Audible subscription and stick with Spotify for the long run (I’m not sure yet if I want to pay for both services on a constant basis). Continue reading

Help the GNOME project defend its trademark!

Groupon has announced a product called Gnome, trying to claim the name of the popular desktop for Linux and BSD desktops that has been around for 17 years. This is outrageous!

Even if you don’t use the GNOME desktop yourself (I don’t do neither) please consider donating to the GNOME Foundation to help them protect their trademark and set a signal that FLOSS projects will be protected.

This legal defense is not just about protecting GNOME’s trademark; it is about asserting to the corporate world that FLOSS trademarks can and will be guarded. Not just by the project in question, but by the community as a whole. As a result, all FLOSS trademarks will be strengthened at once.

— Lucas Nussbaum, Debian Project Leader