Favorite apps in recent weeks: mymind & Craft

During the past weeks I rediscovered my passion for two apps I’ve abandonded previously. Right now both fit really well into my digital life and using them makes me happy. mymind: I’ve come to accept that mymind is just not cheap and does not (yet) provide a good exit strategy. …

Help! I’m having Bluetooth audio stutter every ~40s to 3m on an MBP M1 Max macOS 13.1. The common solutions like disabling Handsoff, reset bluetoothd or shutting off all other BT devices didn’t help and it happens with two different headphones that both work on an iPhone. Ideas?

First List Item inside CSS Multi Column Layout is offset

An annoying thing when using CSS Columns pops up every now and again: When having list items (<li>) inside the columns, the items in the first column are often times a bit off. This happens across browsers in Chromium, Firefox and Safari (current stable version from Thu 15. Dec). Setting the …

As much as I like #ReadwiseReader in terms of features, I stopped using it to consume feeds and am back to #ReederApp for the sheer joy of using a beautifully designed, fast and polished native app.

Searching apps for Lofi Prototying

I’m looking for tools that can help creating low-fidelity, prototypes (that a client absolutely cannot mix up with a design composition and start discussion stylistics) for apps and websites. I’m fine with either a web, mac or an iPad app. Also I’m open to it either create a …

Presenting the Peak Starter Kit at the Statamic Meetup Berlin

Here's a (re-)recording of the talk I gave yesterday (Dec 1, 2022) at the Statamic Meetup Berlin. It's about why the Peak Starter Kit is a brilliant basis to build websites. Although it assumes some knowledge about Statamic CMS, it might also be interesting to people who are curious about a better …

I’m totally looking forward to taking Oliver’s new band new course on pairing typefaces. It’s gonna be published next week on Tuesday, but now there’s an early sale going on with 50$ off: pairingtype.pro (I’ve got no affiliation, I’m just a big fan of his work)

Has A Book Apart ever done Black Friday sales in the past? I‘m curious if it’s worth waiting a couple more days before getting the second edition of Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro 📚

I finished Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism. Recommended for everybody, from convinced meat eaters who are open to good arguments against #carnism to those already convinced we must stop needlessly exploiting animals 📚

Yay, the brand new “Learn #Statamic with Jack” course has just landed on Laracasts. Super excited to learn from the creator of the CMS himself. The majority of the course is even available for free: <laracasts.com/series/le…>

I’m curious how your/reading/ page is created – could you give a hint @manton?

Want to read: 20 Bits I Learned About Building Websites by Dan Cederholm 📚

GitHub released two free variable fonts Mona Sans & Hubot Sans

Currently reading: Weltuntergang Fällt Aus! by Jan Hegenberg 📚

Treated myself with an annual pass for the local cable car “Schauinslandbahn” to escape the fog in town for a sea of clouds 😍

Trying this thing again for the third time around. How can I make my hosted micro blog be available under a subdomain I already own? I only find the flow to register a new one…

Statamic CMS talk at Frontend Meetup Freiburg 2022

This week, I had the chance to tell some nice people why I enjoy working with Statamic CMS. As promised, here come the slides, a couple of links along with the raw screen recordings I did while creating the demo project used in the presentation. Slides & Screen RecordingResponsive, interactive …

Install & Configure Laravel Horizon with Statamic and Run it on Forge

Follow these steps to use Laravel Horizon for Job Queuing in Statamic CMS when hosted with Laravel Forge. This guide assumes that Redis is already installed via Forge. Add Horizon to the project composer require laravel/horizon and publish its assets php artisan horizon:installAllow one or more …

Towards a More Sustainable and Mobile Office

Earth is melting, energy prices are surging. Camping vacation is around the corner. I'm working 100% remote. Almost every day is sunny. Getting a solar panel and a power station seems like a good idea these days. I have absolutely no idea about either photovoltaics, batteries or electricity in …

Rodeo with the Elephant  – Why I'm back on Evernote

I've been an early user of Evernote, my first account dates back to 2009. I've stopped counting the times that I've left Evernote "for good" since then. Just as many times, I've decided to come back. It's a seemingly endless cycle of being annoyed by lack of innovation (Backlinks? Transclusion?, …

Ravennaschlucht from the train

Grateful to live in a place where it only takes you 30 minutes by local train to get up to a mountain lake and escape the heat.

Why I don't stay with Arc by The Browser Company... yet

Arc browser is an exciting new app made by The Browser Company. It's made with an enormous amount of love for detail, and they're inventing great new ideas. I won't cover these here, but instead focus on what is holding me back from really using Arc. I'm aware this is a very early stage and things …

Kunst am Hirzberg

Dear Diary, I had fun in kindergarten this afternoon.

We live by the river

Spending Sunday afternoon at the Dreisam.

Fontshare: Quality Fonts. Free.

Fontshare is a fantastic collection of high-quality great free-to-use fonts.