Notion Formular to Filter for Next Week Dates

I’ve been using this super helpful formula to show a gallery of tasks that have a Date field that’s within the current week without ever caring how the formula actually works:

and(toNumber(formatDate(prop("Date"), "WW")) == toNumber(formatDate(now(), "WW")), year(prop("Date")) == year(now()))

That is until today when I wanted to show stuff coming up within the next week. Turns out, we just need to add 7 days to the current week, against which we compare our Date field. Voilà, the Is next week? formula:

and(toNumber(formatDate(prop("Date"), "WW")) == toNumber(formatDate(dateAdd(now(), 7, "days"), "WW")), year(prop("Date")) == year(now()))

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Hold Porn January 25, 2022 Reply

First time here, haha

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