Copywriting for Interfaces – Takeaways

Here’s what I’ll try to remember from UX Planet’s great article on Copywriting for Interfaces.

  • Headlines should be catchy and short so that they could quickly draw users’ attention
  • The perfect length of the headline is 6 words (underlying research)
  • Captions should provide new information so it shouldn’t describe obvious statements which users already see in the photo.
  • Keep CTAs at a minimum, usually not more than 1–2 words
  • Applying imperative case in CTA microcopy gives strong and direct instructions of what to do next.
  • Notifications with less than 25 characters perform much better than long text.
  • Error messages should be polite and friendly. A bit of humor can relax annoyed users but must be used carefully.
  • Place an UI element that offers further action close to an error message.
  • Tooltips work best when having 150 characters or less

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