Track your learning hours

Just a quick idea I find very useful to motivate myself and keep track of time spent on lerning certain things.

If you already have a system in place to track work time just use that. If not, I can recommend an app called Tyme. Nice and clean, yet it has all features I need and doensn’t get in the way. It’s available for Mac OS and iOS and offers sync via. I’ve been using it for years to track freelance work but only recently came up with the idea to also employ it to see how much time I invest to improve my skills. I simply set up a project called Learning and in there I’m having tasks for every topic or tutorial I’m working on.

It’s gratifying to see despite having had a really crazy week that I still made time to spend an hour on that Vue training I’m so into right now. It helps a lot to not starting to think I’ve accomplished nothing – and it’s hell of a motivation to not just spend that time on Netflix or Twitter.

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