Alfred – Productivity App for Mac OS X

I rediscovered Alfred and I’m confused why I ever stopped using it in the first place. It’s a fantastic tool and so much more than an application launcher. If you already like the basic functionality you should consider buying the Powerpack extension to be able to make use of custom Workflows.

Since using Alfred again I immediately uninstalled Paste as Alfred brings its own Clipboard Manager. Using Alfred’s Snippets feature is also really nice and made me drop Rocket, as there are handy Emoji-Snippets readily available.

Alfred Workflows

While Alfred’s core features alone are pretty nifty its endless potentials comes into play when using custom workflows.

There are tons and tons of them available. To get you an idea here’s a list of Alfred Workflows I’m currently using:

  • Can I Use: look up browser compatibility, inline results
  • Colors: lookup color and convert between cokor formats, inline results
  • Convert: convert all sorts of units, inline results
  • DeepL: translate words and sentences using DeepL API
  • offline translation with locally downloaded dictionaries, inline results (a bit of an effort to setup)
  • Domainr: check domain availability, inline results
  • Encode / Decode: Encoding and decoding a sting into multiple variations, inline results
  • Evernote: Search and create notes directly from Alfred
  • Fakeum: Easily create all sorts of dummy textual content, configure locale
  • Google Calendar View: Display your current events right inside Alfred
  • IP Address: show your local and remote IP address, inline results
  • Movie Ratings: Get movie ratings from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic inline (and hit enter to open all three sites)
  • Spotify Mini Player: control Spotify without the Spotify App (a bit of a bigger effort to setup)
  • Terminal Finder: quickly open the folder currently open in Finder in Terminal or iTerm (and vice versa)

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