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I can’t even count anymore, how often I’ve tried working with another Editor than Sublime. Especially Atom has caught my attention quite a few times. But every time I tried to actually use it I ended up being frustrated and jump back to trusty old Sublime.

Today it was the first time when the advantages outweighed the issues (that is, Atom’s inferior performance). I had no crashes and it didn’t feel as sluggish as I remember it from my past experiments. Granted: It’s still behind Sublime performance-wise and I can’t imagine that to change while being built on Electron. But it’s the more powerful the machines get we’re working on the less it’s noticeable and frankly I don’t care as long as it feels right.

Here are the highlights I liked the most.

Beautiful UI

UI Theme: One Dark

Syntax Theme; Cobalt2

Font: Operator Mono, 13px, Line Height 1.6

Package: file-icons

Config Sync via Github

Keep packages and custom configuration automatically in sync across devices.

Package: config-sync

Nicer Settings & Visual Package Manager

I prefer this to fiddling around in config files. The Package Manager also manages installing dependencies.

SASS Linting

Very neat live SASS-Linting with a tabular overview of found issues and recommended resolutions. I find this to be much clearer than in Sublime.

Package: linter-sass-lint (requires linter , linter-ui-default, but these are installed automatically)

Keyboard navigable Tree

It is possible to navigate the folder tree using the keyboard.

Files and folder with uncommitted changes are highlighted.

Project wide Color Highlighting

Color highlighting also highlights color that are defined in another file than the currently viewed.

Package: pigments

Nice Git integration

Package: git-plus

TYPO3/Fluid/Typoscript support

Never got this working in Sublime, here everything looks great with two packages.

Packages: typo3, typo3-fluid-atom-snippets

Further Packages I like to use

  • atom-beautify
  • caniuse
  • color-picker
  • emmet
  • es6-javascript
  • file-icons
  • language-babel
  • markdown-preview-plus
  • svg-preview

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