Drupal: Keep EXIF orientation and allow manual cropping of images

Wow, this is more troublesome than expected.

Goal: Let users upload images straight from a camera and manually select an area of the image that should be cropped.

Issue: nearly all modern cameras use EXIF information to tell an images orientation. Drupal image actions ignore this information and all images in landscape format resulting in flipped portrait images. Imagecache Actions module provides an action to rotate images based on EXIF data. But: this doesn’t work if the image was resized to the maximum dimensions straight after the upload. And: it doesn’t play nice with most image cropping modules.

I’ve been fighting this issue for some hours now and have something that seems to work for me. It’s not extensively tested yet, though. Here’s what I came up with:


  • ImageMagick instead of GD as Image Toolkit (because GD strips EXIF data)
  • Imagecache Autorotate, part of [Imagecache Actions](Imagecache Autorotate) that provides an Image Action that automatically rotates pictures according to their EXIF orientation
  • EPSA Crop module: EPSA crop was the only cropping module that allowed me to use its after the Autorotate action in my image style preset (I tried at least with manualcrop, imagefield_crop, simplecrop)

In my image style I use the following actions:

  1. Autorotate image based on its EXIF data
  2. EPSA Image Crop, 150×150 (with Aspect Ratio of one, as the resulting image has a square AR)
  3. Scale and Crop, 150×150, scale and crop it even if it wasn’t manually cropped.

Only drawback so far:
EPSA Crop doesn’t show you the cropped image on the thumbnail of the edit page, so users might be confused if their cropping was successful after all.

Originally posted on DrupalAnswers, might be interesting to follow the discussion

Hope this helps others saving some hours of research.

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