Entypo and FontAwesome Icon Libraries for iDraw App

Though Sketch really does a lot of things better (especially the path tool) I still really like the iDraw Mac App a lot.

iDraw makes it refreshingly simple (compared with to Photoshop’s Shape Management for instance) to manage custom forms. Simply create a new form library, select an shape in your current document and hit the little plus icon.

I did this process with two of my favorite icon libraries, Font Awesome by Dave Gandy and Entypo by Daniel Bruce. All credits for the original icons belong to those fine people. I just share my iDraw libraries to easily use those great icons within that great app.

As both icon pack’s licenses (Font Awesome: GPL, Entypo: CC BY-SA 3.0.) allow redistribution I guess there’s nothing wrong with sharing my Libraries for iDraw.

Are you aware of any further (open source) icon pack that’s worth packaging for iDraw? Leave a comment and let me know!

iDraw Icon Library

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