Can’t re-download previously purchased Program on the Mac AppStore

Today the Mac AppStore was bugging me quite a bit. I wanted to download and install an app that I had purchased some months ago. It failed with some message telling me I should try it from the Purchases tab of the AppStore. This looked like in the screenshot, the button didn’t do anything (see screenshot). In the Applications folder there was an icon with an unfinished progress bar of the app I was about to install. I deleted it, but alone that didn’t help.

Clean the AppStore caches

What did the trick was deleting the AppStore caches. To find their location open a Terminal window and enter open $TMPDIR../C/. A new Finder window will pop up and bring you to some crazy directory structure where you’ll find a directory called I deleted it, restarted my Mac and voilà, I could redownload my desired App. It didn’t show up with an Install button as usually with already bought programs but with the price tag and the Buy button. I felt adventurous though, accepted it and entered my password. Luckily the AppStore now told me that this “Update” was free to install as I had bought it previously. Phu!


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