Font Awesome Icons for Keynote

Since I just got addicted to using Keynote for website wireframing/prototyping I’ve been looking around to find some theme that contains a useful set of scalable vector icons to be used inside Keynote. Instead of finding ready-to-use themes I found something better – SVG2KEYNOTE is a nifty command line utility that helps you to convert SVG files to keynote files! The author of SVG2KEYNOTE has also released a plugin for Illustrator CS5+ to export vector graphics directly from that application.

So I used this handy tool to convert the awesome icons of Font Awesome into a keynote document. I removed the icon’s names and realigned them (rather quickly) to get a better overview on a single slide. Thanks to the great people behind Font Awesome releasing their work under a CC licence I guess it’s fine to make my Keynote file available here. Feel free to grab it and have fun prototyping with Keynote!

Updated for the currently latest version of Keynote (6.5.2)

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